The 12mm (507) Proton series motors are the new small motors for small planes and helicopters. These feature cooling holes in both the front and back cases for more cooling to allow harder running. The motors can be ordered with 1.5 or 2mm shafts. The front has 0-80 threaded mounting holes on a 8.5mm circle.

  • Max RPM: 80,000
  • Case Diameter: 12mm
  • Shaft: 1.5 or 2mm Shaft length: 7mm
  • Mounting screws are 0-80 thread

All Proton series motors have 6 slot stators and 4 pole rotors.

FamilyStatorTurnsRPM/VoltWeight(oz)Length (in)Rm (Ohms)Io@10vMax RPMContinuous WattsSurge WattsMax voltageOutput Shaft & Gear Options
05xx050732000.521.20.50.210000050100321.5mm, 2mm
05xx050740000.521.20.30.310000050100251.5mm, 2mm
05xx050753000.521.20.180.4210000050100201.5mm, 2mm
05xx050773000.521.20.0990.710000050100141.5mm, 2mm
05xx050783000.521.20.090.810000050100121.5mm, 2mm
05xx0507110000.521.20.051.41000005010091.5mm, 2mm