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NeuMotors 0700 Series BLDC Motors 100-200 watts

Neumotors Brushless micro brushless motor

25mm OD 700 Series (Neutron) brushless motors operate in the 100 to 300 watt range and can be configured with gearboxes for increased torque. 700 series motors are best suited for high RPM (90,000) RPM applications.

Applications include swarming UAVs, hand held rotary tools, etc. Add a gearbox for high-torque compact drives in applications such as miniature ROV thrusters or high-torque hand tools.

  • Inrunner construction
  • High speed operation – 90,000 RPM
  • 4 poles / 12 slots
  • 2mm or 3mm shafts


May be mated with integral gearboxes for very high power-to-weight drives.