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1506/0.25D, 1506/0.25Y, 1506/0.5D, 1506/0.75D, 1506/0.5Y, 1506/1D, 1506/1.25D, 1506/0.75Y, 1506/1.5D, 1506/1.75D, 1506/1Y, 1506/2D, 1506/2.25D, 1506/1.25Y, 1506/2.5D, 1506/1.5Y, 1506/2.75D, 1506/3D, 1506/1.75Y, 1506/3.25D, 1506/3.5D, 1506/2Y, 1506/3.75D, 1506/4D, 1506/2.25Y, 1506/4.25D, 1506/4.5D, 1506/2.5Y, 1506/4.75D, 1506/2.75Y, 1506/5D, 1506/5.25D, 1506/3Y, 1506/5.5D, 1506/5.75D, 1506/6D