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Electric motors typically do a great job of producing lots of power at high RPMs. In some applications a lower RPM and torque output are needed.  One way to customize the power delivery is to use a gear drive. We provide planetary gear drives that are matched to the motor sizes we sell.
nemotors brushless motros gearboxes geared

  • Maxon 4.4 gear drive is suitable for motors that put out up to 500 watts.
  • P29 and P32 gear drives can handle props up to 20 inches and 3000 watts.
  • P42 drive is best suited for systems over 3000 watts and turning props up to 30 inches in diameter and 5000 watts.
  • P62 is suitable for well over 10,000 watts.  12mm shaft easily handles props over 30 inches in diameter!