Since the new 80xx series outrunners are derived from industrial motors the design details show that these are built to much higher standards that the usual hobby motors. Perfect for many UAV, industrial, commercial, and hobby applications. The motors feature shafts that can be configured for both front or rear mounting. The 18S16P magnetic design is optimized for the 4000-8000 RPM range. There are 3 lengths available with 2 winding options for each. The 8019 is perfect for 12S(44.4v) projects and the 8038 and 8057 will reach full potential on 14S(51.8v) to 18S(66.6v.) A special 18mm O.D. collet adapter is available.


  • 8019-180 -> Kv=183, R=0.0154 Ohms, Io=1.8 amps@10 volts, 1230g
  • 8019-150 -> Kv=150, R=0.024 Ohms, Io=1.4 amps@10 volts, 1230g
  • 8038-140 -> Kv=142, R=0.010 Ohms, Io=2.7 amps@10 volts, 1970g
  • 8038-100 -> Kv=101, R=0.019 Ohms, Io=2.0 amps@10 volts, 1970g
  • 8057-100 -> Kv=101, R=0.011 Ohms, Io=2.5 amps@10 volts, 2660g
  • 8057-75 -> Kv=75, R=0.024 Ohms, Io=1.6 amps@10 volts, 2660g

***  Limited Time Intro Pricing  ***

  • 8019 – MSRP: $359, Intro Price: $259
  • 8038 – MSRP: $429, Intro Price: $329
  • 8057 – MSRP: $529, Intro Price: $399

Basic Web Drawing: 8019-web

FamilyStatorTurnsRPM/VoltWeight(oz)Length (in)Rm (Ohms)Io@10vMax RPMContinuous WattsSurge WattsMax voltageOutput Shaft & Gear Options