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Advanced Power Drives is a dynamic new team from Sydney, Australia, who design and manufacture a comprehensive line of electronic speed controls (ESCs).  With total power up to 40kW and voltages up to 100V (24S), these drives open new territory for brushless power systems.


75V / 400 Amps


100V / 200 Amps


60V / 300 Amps




Peak power ratings defined at 100% throttle, where bus current = phase current. Requires proper sizing of motor to load. 

(*) Continuous amps defined as amperage sustainable for 180 seconds with adequate cooling to keep ESC at or below 115C

(**) Burst amps defined as amperage sustainable without damage to controller for a period of 5 (five) seconds.  Burst should not be encountered again until ESC has returned to normal temperature

(***) Weight refers solely to the circuit board and enclosure, if any.  Weight measured without any wires or connectors.

Specifications subject to change without notice.